Monday, April 7, 2008

what do your shoes say about you?

I just know that this article will appeal to everyone.
Even though 95% of guys don't notice a woman's shoes.
And the other 5% are either desperate...or they are gay.
Do you prefer to wear something fancy or frugal on your feet? Whether you're a sexy stiletto-heel wearer or a fan of sporty sneakers, your shoes speak volumes about your personality. According to research, Mindset Media revealed that people who purchased more than three pairs of shoes a year are likely to be assertive and spontaneous leaders. To keep your shoes from making you look like a snooze even if you're a snazzy lady, check out this fun guide to help you figure out what your heels reveal so that you can match your feelings to your flip flops and your boots to your behavior.
Oh yeah.
I am gonna be an assertive and spontaneous leader.
And believe me when i say that i am a pretty spontaneous person.
Shoe Style: Super-high heeled stilettos
Character Footprints: Sexy, confident, and walking with intentions.
Perfect Personality Picks: These Oh... Deer! Jamocha T-Strap Pumps and Peep Toe Pumps. Toe-Tapping Tip: Walk around the store before buying very high heels to make sure you aren't choosing shoes that you can't walk in. While stilettos are sexy, a public fall certainly is not.
Stilettos are cool.
But that isn't how i roll.
Shoe Style: Ballet Slippers
Character Footprints: Soft, casual, and comfortable in all environments.
Perfect Personality Picks: These Tory Burch Ballet Flats and these Suede Knotted Ballet Flats. Toe-Tapping Tip: Ballet slippers tend to stretch with wear, so to avoid having shoes that slip off after a few walks, consider purchasing a slightly snug size and breaking them in at home.
I love ballet flats.
So cute and so comfortable.
Shoe Style: Wedge-Heeled Shoes
Character Footprints: Stylish, feminine and always sure-footed.
Perfect Personality Picks: These espadrille wedges and these wedge sandals.
Toe-Tapping Tip: Wedges are perfect for outdoor events where you'd like to wear heels. Unlike regular pumps, wedges won't sink into the grass.
I love espadrilles!
And wedges do beat out heels.
Shoe Style: Flip Flops
Character Footprints: Youthful, laid-back and unpolished
Perfect Personality Picks: These Juicy Couture Flip Flops and these embellished flip flops. Toe-Tapping Tip: If you feel flip flops are too comfortable to take off, consider purchasing flip flop-styled sandals made of leather for a more put-together look.
Flip flops are cool and comfortable.
You can wear them anywhere.
Even though they are more appropriate for a casual occasion.
Shoe Style: Knee-High Boots
Character Footprints: Daring, powerful and not afraid to be noticed
Perfect Personality Picks: These Steve Madden Leather Knee Boots and these fashion forward boots.
Toe-Tapping Tip: If you see knee-high boots that you like but find that the material isn't forgiving enough to zip up over your calf muscle, don't despair. Take your pair to a cobbler, who can easily insert a color-coordinated elastic panel at the seams to give the boots the stretch you need.
I have never had that happen to me.
Boots just aren't my thing though.
They aren't laid-back enough for me.
Shoe Style: Sneakers
Character Footprints: Besides being athletic, not fussy and constantly on the go traits also include being assertive, spontaneous and a leader.
Perfect Personality Picks: These New Balance 759 Walking Shoes and these The North Face 'Cooper's Hill' Running Shoes.
Toe-Tapping Tip: Wearing sneakers without socks causes your shoes to smell, so if you're in love with your sneaks but hate the way they look with slouchy socks, invest in "hidden" socks that only cover the base of your foot and heel. Available at all department stores, these socks will bring added comfort and lengthen the life of your sneakers.
I love sneakers!
And you know that i rock my converse!
They are only the best sneakers you will ever wear!
Shoe Style: Slip-On Slides
Character Footprints: Dainty, elegant and ultra-girly.
Perfect Personality Picks: These dress slides and these Spotspot Slides.
Toe-Tapping Tip: Slides aren't wearable by everyone and some women's walking styles create a constant clacking sound when they're in shoes without heels. If your gait isn't a perfect fit with your slides, start investing in shoes with a heelp strap to avoid annoying others.
So now you know what each means.
And if you are a guy, you're welcome.
I don't know why.
But you are.
So you should thank me.

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