Sunday, April 13, 2008

more on Pete Wentz

I am sure that you are sick of all the news about Pete Wentz.
But I am stuck on him. So each time I find new info, I will report on it.
And you already know some of this if you have read my previous blogs on the topic.
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So I have found quotes from fans about Pete's engagement.
One day after Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz shocked their fans by announcing their engagement via a blog post on, reactions are starting to come in from those who know the couple well ... and from those who think they do.
"All I can really say is I'm totally happy for them," FOB frontman Patrick Stump told MTV News in an e-mail. "And I'm happy for myself, too. I'll probably get to wear a tux."
"My sister is overflowing with joy," Ashlee's older sister, Jessica Simpson, told "Pete is an incredible soul. They naturally bring out the best in each other. I couldn't be happier."
Ashlee's dad, Joe, told the site that Wentz asked for his permission to propose to his daughter, and that
"I told him that I would be honored to have him as part of my family."
Even Ryan Cabrera, Ash's former boyfriend, weighed in to the site, giving the newly-engaged couple a resounding thumbs-up.
"I think they're really good together," he told the magazine. "I met [Wentz] a couple times, and he was really nice and intelligent, so I was like, 'Very cool, go for it!'"
Of course, fan reactions to the engagement were decidedly less glossy. On, comments ranged from elation ("FINALLY!!!!! i knew u guys would get married one day! I am happy for both of you!!!!!") to anger ("i hope assslee DIESS IN A F---ING HOLE,") with a few stops in crazytown thrown in for good measure ("I couldn't believe well i guess i didnt want to believe it its kinda weird i mean pete a husband w/ kids can u really picture that and w/ ashlee well maybe u guys will last CONGRATS now im gonna go stalk patrick ha he isnt married").
The reaction was similar on Wentz's personal blog, where the bassist celebrated his engagement by posting a piece of Pop Art featuring his dog Hemingway. (Uh, congrats?)
"I love the way she makes you smile, bright boy for wanting to keep someone like that around," one commenter wrote.
"Hey Pete, did you hear that? Little emo hearts just broke all over the world," another added. "Much happiness to you and the lady."

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