Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Well they must not be paying her by the word: Miley Cyrus just inked a deal to write her *choke, gag* memoirs – for what's being called a "seven-figure" deal.
15-year-old Miley will recount the portion of her life for which she has been a sentient human being for the Disney Book Group. MC says she hopes to "motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together." Yawn, but if those saucy snaps are any indication, Volume Two should be a hell of a lot hotter.
Miley made $18.5 million last year.

Alicia Keys scraps two shows on new tour
Alicia Keys has canceled two shows on her newly launched North American tour because of swollen vocal cords, her record label said on Wednesday.
The 27-year-old R&B singer scrapped Tuesday's show in Pittsburgh, the third stop of the tour, and has also pulled the plug on Thursday's concert in Cleveland.
The tour is expected to resume in Columbus on Saturday. Tickets for the Cleveland show will be honored at Columbus, said J Records.
Keys' tour, to promote her chart-topping album "As I Am," began last Saturday in Hampton, Va.
Sore throats must be contagious on the tour. One of Keys' opening acts, 2007 "American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks, has been unable to perform because of an acute vocal cord hemorrhage. Her Jive Records label expected her to join the trek in May.
Beyonce, Jay-Z wedding confirmed
A licence confirming the marriage of Beyonce and Jay-Z has been filed with the authorities in New York, an official has said.
The couple held a lavish party in Manhattan earlier this month, but have refused to confirm that they were celebrating their nuptials.
Donna Conkling, a clerk in the suburb of Scarsdale, said the licence had been received by their offices.
The pair have not publicly acknowledged their liaison, dating back to 2002.
Ms Conkling also confirmed the licence had been signed by the official conducting the ceremony.
The celebration, which took place at Jay-Z's apartment on 4 April, was attended by actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Destiny's Child stars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, according to US media reports.
White flowers and silver candelabras were delivered to the building in New York's Tribeca district, while a white tent was set up on the roof.
Knowles, 26, and 38-year-old Jay-Z - real name Shawn Carter - have collaborated musically on singles such as Deja Vu, '03 Bonnie and Clyde and Crazy In Love.
It was recently reported that Jay-Z was in talks with concert promoter Live Nation over a proposed $100m (£50.1m) deal which would cover recording, publishing, live shows and other rights.
He was president of hip-hop record label Def Jam until he stepped down in December, and will headline the Glastonbury festival this summer.
Pete Loves Wal-Mart
Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has admitted that one of his favorite shops is discount chain Wal-Mart!
Pete and the band love going to 24-hour Wal-Mart stores all over the States after gigs while they're on tour.
"Twenty-four-hour Wal-Marts on tour? That's like, the hangout of the year," says Wentz. "It's the only place where you can get a camo hunting hat and Sponge Bob or Curious George pajamas, all in one look! And that looks great together by the way."
"Whatever you see in the aisle, you're like, 'Aw yeah, I totally want that thing and that thing.' Like, something that's just so bad, like fish sticks and toaster strudels!"
Tyga Sinks His Claws Into The Hip-Hop World, With A Boost From Lil Wayne, Pete Wentz
The sun was shining and the party scene at the pool was popping on the set of Tyga's first video, for "Coconut Juice." Joining Tyga, and the loads of bikini-clad young ladies sipping from coconuts, was Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Tyga's older cousin, Gym Class Heroes MC Travis McCoy.
McCoy was the one who brought his younger cousin's music to Wentz. "I liked Tyga's voice a lot and his flow," Wentz told MTV News. "First of all, I couldn't believe he was related to Travis, because Travis is pretty geeky." Months later, Wentz signed Tyga to the Bat Squad imprint on his Decaydance label.
The theme of the video is a pool party run amok. McCoy, the owner of a million-dollar home, takes off on tour and leaves his pad in the hands of Tyga and his boys. Instead of taking care of the place, they decide to throw a banging party, only to have McCoy come home early, initially quite unhappy at what he sees.
In real life, though, McCoy said it's the exact opposite. "Just to see him here today almost brought me to tears," McCoy said proudly of his cousin. On set, the close relationship between the relatives is quite evident. You can tell that 18-year-old Tyga looks up to his older cousin and is ecstatic to have him there, a feeling McCoy reciprocates. At one point, McCoy had his arm around Tyga as they looked out over the hills of Southern California. "You see, one day all this could be yours, even the Badlands," McCoy said.
Even at his young age, Tyga is well on his way to making that happen, and he's trying to do it his own way. "I just didn't want to be like everybody else," Tyga said. "You have to be different. Like me, I'm from L.A. They just expect you to be gangster rap, being that I'm from Compton. Like, 'Oh, N.W.A!' That's all they know. I'm just trying to say something new, you know what I mean? I'm just trying to bring back the feeling Jay-Z gave me a long time ago — just good music, no stereotypes. I'm just here doing what I'm doing. I'm a young kid, and I'm having fun."
And though he might be young and just having fun, he is still garnering attention from some of the top dogs in the game. Lil Wayne worked with Tyga on a track for Tyga's debut album, No Introduction, set for release in June. "I was like, 'Man, I like your style,' " Tyga recalled of meeting Weezy. "[Lil Wayne] sent some songs to my Web site, I listened to them, and he was down from there. I love that dude already. He never heard me say that."
Insider buzz, a new album and a video in the can are just part of the recording artist's world, but having graduated high school only a little more than a year ago, Tyga is still getting used to the idea of being a hip-hop star. "I'm blessed," Tyga said. "I don't even believe that all this is happening. There's still a lot to soak in."

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