Monday, April 14, 2008

i know you don't come here everyday

I know that nobody comes here, to my beautiful blog, everyday. But I want to thank the people who do. Oh yeah, that's nobody! Anyways, if you love me enough to come here often, you would have noticed that my YouTube video bar has been migitized. All of the videos are either music videos or videos that have my fave songs playing in the background. But it seemed like 3 of the 4 videos you could watch were not related to the song. So now there is only one video per song.
Yes, I do realize that nobody will be reading this. But if you do love my blog, please comment. The only time someone commented, it was to say that I am a racist. Which I am not. I do not want to get any comments if they are going to be rude in any way, shape, or form. And I will be adding additions to the site. I may add a link so you can e-mail my articles to friends without having to copy and paste. I just want to know what you think!
Also, I have been attempting to advertise my site. I have not been overly successful though. On average, I would say that I only get about 25 views a day. And some people may say that I am lucky to get 25. But that doesn't cut it for me! I want to get major media coverage! So please tell your friends about me!
Remember, this is the site to come to if you want the most current news. I only post articles that have been updated within the past few hours. Some even minutes! And why do you want to wait until tomorrow to read in the newspaper when you can just come here? I am the person to come to if you want info on celebrities. I am the next Perez Hilton. One day you will see me on Good Morning America!
I update this thing multiple times each day. So every time you come back, chances are that there will be new info. This has been another useless blog written by me, for you. I know you hated it. So thank you.

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