Friday, April 18, 2008

boredom is beautiful

I got so bored! So I decided to just post something that I have thought about on here. And I am sure that nobody will use this, but I have installed a link so that you can e-mail one of my articles to a friend. Actually, they aren't my articles. They are from other sites so that you do not have to race through Google to find the stories you want. But yea, and of course this is mine. I am personally typing this article.
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I have been so bored lately. Nothing good has been going on. So I will give some of my own input on some of my posts.
That polygamist ranch
Okay, this has been just one wierd story! I was bothered when I first read it. And the saga keeps going and going.
Apparently the ranch in Texas, which was the first one to make headlines, is just one of many ranches like it. They are spread out through the west. I think some are in Utah and Nevada (i don't know. i am trying to remember).
But it is just so crazy because of the hundreds of children who have been taken from this place. I don't remember how many there were. If you want the full story here, you have to check my archive at the top of the screen.
There were girls who were only about 15 or 16 being married to men in thier 40's or 50's and being forced to have children with them. That is just disgusting! Especially because the men there had multiple wives. And most men didn't even know just how many children they had. Some women couldn't name all of their family there. Because women were constantly pregnant. I heard stories that there was a room where teenage boys and girls were forced to do the dirty and have kids. All I can say is "EWW!"
The women there were hypnotized or something. When some were asked about the living conditions and such, they didn't say anything bad about it. They had been convinced that this lifestyle was right and good. Some looked like they were in a daze. The children were taught not to laugh because it was bad. And the children didn't even cry or anything. Because as infants, they would have water poured on their faces when they did cry.
The hundreds of kids are now being thrown into the real world. And to be honest, they won't last. The kids were taught not to look at or talk to strangers. So they will get nowhere with the foster parents. And they are used to being in such surreal conditions that they just won't last in the reality of life. Some of them will probably be suicidal.
I was thinking that this story is like the movie The Village. Because everyone has been brainwashed into living this alternate lifestyle that is so much different than reality. And they don't know about the outside world. Crazy.
Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson
Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz is engaged to Ashlee Simpson. Yes. Mixing together one of the best and hottest rockers with one of the worst singers ever! (I am sure you know about her lip synching story)
But if that is what Pete wants...then we just have to deal with it...If you don't already get it, I am a huge Pete Wentz freak. He is so awesome! I like love him! But this is another dream cut short by the reality of life.
Anyways...Pete has a clothing line. And was asked if he would design Ashlee's dress. To put it short and sweet, he would never! He said he would never want to marry anyone who wanted him to design thier wedding dress.
I think he should totally design it. How cool would that be?!?! I would not turn down a dress that he designed. But its what he wants. So we will just roll with it.
My opinion on presidential race
Ah, america. You gotta love the people who could potentially lead the country for the next four years. Only the best and the brightest can be granted this opportunity. Who am I kidding? Look at who has been chosen to lead us. For 8 years! George Bush! Could we have picked someone worse to represent our country? Well...there is Britney Spears.
But the first candidate is John McCain. Why does he think he should be president? One simple reason. He was a POW. And that is all you have to know. He knows nothing about economy. But he was POW. JSYK, POW=Prisoner Of War. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew. But the man is so old! If he did win, he would probably die in office. If you have seen how much being president ages someone, you know how scary it can be. Just look at Bill Clinton pre and post office.
That leads to the next candidate. Hillary Clinton. Yes, a breath of fresh air. We need a woman to represent the american states. But not Hillary. She just does nothing. I don't think she could handle it. And what would she do? The last time she made headlines, she was drinking beer and whiskey in a bar to get votes. Yeah, that's the way to win it.
And the last candidate. Barack Obama. He seems like a great candidate. His only flaw I see? He always talks about change. But what kind of change? He never says. And if he wants to win it, we need to know his plans. And should he win, society will change forever. I just have this feeling that he will make some big changes in our daily lives. Just a feeling.
What if McCain wins? He will probably die in office. Because he is old.
What if Clinton wins? Um...I honestly don't think that she will. But if she does, then she will not move the country forwards. And she will probably be assasinated. Because she just gets on my nerves and I am sure it happens to other people too. She scares me. Did I mention she looks like a man?
What if Obama wins? If he does win, he will make some major changes. On what? I don't know. But life will change drastically. And I think he would also be assasinated. Mostly because some people couldn't handle an african-american president.
Yea, these are my ideas.
I realize that they are probably far from the truth. But I am bored and I am just guessing. This was an amazing way to waste your life huh?

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