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straight edge FAQ

What is Straight Edge?
Straight Edge is a more philosophical offshoot of the punk movement, a reaction to the hedonism and self-destruction that characterised punk. The basic tenet of the philosophy centres around the issue of self-control. The goal is to regain as much personal control over your own life as possible. sXe is the only youth counter-culture to actively discourage drug use, alcohol use, and casual sex. Straight edge is a lifestyle centred around personal development and well being, while encouraging fun and togetherness. sXe is not just about being into contemporary punk music acts and being against drugs. It goes deeper than this. The movement wishes to attract people away from dependancy lifestyles centred around drug habits (legal or illegal) and unhealthy and exploitative eating and general living habits common in modern cultures. sXe is not dogmatic, there are no hard rules, these are for you to decide. Nobody should dictate like the police, or preach an ideology like the church or state.
Where Does the Name Straight Edge Come From?
According to legend, the drummer for Minor Threat [Jeff Nelson], one of the first bands to preach the "stay punk, stay clean" ethos, ...was drawing a poster for a show using a wood ruler. He commented to his bandmates that the ruler's straight edge was a metaphor for their lifestyle.
What are the X's for?
A common practice at all-ages punk shows was to mark minors with an "X" on their hands so they couldn't buy alcohol. As the straight-edge philosophy grew popular, punkers who were older than 18 but didn't drink for ideological reasons started to mark themselves with the X in a show of solidarity.
What does sXe mean?
sXe is really just an acronym for straight-edge with the X thrown for good measure. It is pronounced, "sexy".(That's a joke, guys).
Is Straight Edge a religion?
No. Although sXe embraces some of the moral values held by most major religions, sXe'ers don't necessarily believe in a God. There is no organised church or worship service. However, some sXe'ers are members of organised churches, temples or mosques where they feel that the sXe beliefs fit in. Straight Edgers say their life choices stem from a desire to be true to themselves and not from any religious beliefs.
How do I join the straight edge?
You don't join straight-edge, you take on the straight-edge. You just get involved in the scene and start thinking for yourself. The idea is to closely examine your own life, identify what factors influence your thoughts and behaviours, assess what impact they are having on your life and rid yourself of those factors which you deem to have a negative impact on your life.
Why do you need a label to be poison free?
The label shows you're actually serious about what you're saying and that you're not making any exceptions (although there is lots of hypocrisy, but this is ideally speaking). It's also a commitment thing, something to believe in.
Is straight-edge about politics?
Although sXe is not inherently political, politics are a logical extension of an sXe lifestyle. Once you have regained control over your life, the desire to help others and to make a positive contribution to your culture, society, community by addressing issues of social justice is a very natural thing to do. Many sXe'ers join organisations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and SADD (Students Against Drunk Drivers). They also encourage friends to give up drugs, alcohol, and smoking.
Can I be straight-edge and gay?
Straight-edge has nothing to do with your sexuality. Its casual sex that's an issue.
Is taking caffeine straight-edge?
Most straight edgers seem to feel that caffeine is not an issue, whilst some do. So you can't really say that taking it is or isn't straight edge. Like a lot of straight edge, it's more about what you feel is right for you, rather than trying to adhere to some strict set of rules.
Don't most stop being straight-edge when they reach drinking age?
Some people do lose the edge once they reach drinking age; but if they do they were never straight edge to begin with.
Do straight-edge kids have sex at all?
In short yes. However, most sxe kids will wait until they are ready to take on the responsibility of a serious relationship.
I used to drink and do drugs, can I still be sXe?
No problems about the past! It's all about the now. Otherwise noone could ever be SXE. But one thing that you should do before taking the edge is consider that it's for life so don't just play with it. It's not just a phase... Other sxers will accept you if you're true from now on.

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