Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ID theft-proof wallets!

In the past, fearing that hackers could lift personal info from your passport or wallet using antennas would probably make you seem a bit mentally unsound. Today, however, you could very well be right – and now you can buy a metal-lined wallet to protect yourself.
Now available from lifestyle design company Kena Kai, DateSafe wallets are designed with a metalized nylon that disrupts the transmission of radio frequency identification, or RFID. This technology, now used in passports, credit cards, electronic toll passes, building access cards, and more, transmits information that is processed by a scanner so you don't have to physical swipe anything through a machine. With the right antenna and software, a thief could steal your personal information without you knowing. Even security experts have recommended wrapping your passports in tin foil, just to be safe.
Kena Kai claims that hackers will only get smarter, so why not buy one? They're made of leather, weigh the same as a normal wallet, and come in a variety of functional and stylish designs, so you'll look good while protecting yourself.
Then again, these wallets run from $80 to $225, so tin foil, though not as fashionable, is a much cheaper alternative.

Making and ID theft-proof wallet or passport will be like making a pervert-proof internet. It probably will never happen. Yes, there are things to make it more dificult, but as technology progresses, more effective ways will have to be developed. You can't just rely on this wallet anyways. Just because you have a metal wallet doesn't mean that someone will get a hold of your ID. Face it, some people are just plain stupid. And they will fall victim to ID theft and will blame it on a defective metal wallet. Instead of admitting that they are pathetic idiots.
I realize that this is another useless rant. I hope you are enjoying it. Because once again, I have found no better way to occupy time. But this is crazy. Next thing you know, people will think that On*star will get you a burger and fries when you ask for it. One of my friends thought that On*star would open a car door when they pressed the button and firmly said "Open back door". News flash...It doesn't work. Stupid people will do stupid things. And they will just invent new ideas to make the world better, for all of about a few months. Then hackers will develop new technology and those pathetic idiots will have to work harder. I hope you loved this rant. I went from an article about ID theft-proof wallets to a rant on stupid people.Oh yeah.

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