Friday, April 25, 2008

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson make headlines

Pal: Ashlee Simpson's Going to Have 'Cute, Tiny Kids'
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz may not be confirming a pregnancy just yet, but some of her pals can't quite contain their excitement.
"I think they are a cute couple, and they are going to have cute, tiny kids," Lucy Walsh — the 24-year-old daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh — told at a taping of MTV's Rock the Cradle in L.A. Thursday.
She said she is "super excited" the couple are getting hitched and is "going to have to get planning" on an engagement bash.
Simpson has been ducking pregnancy questions since broke the news on April 14.
When asked by Ellen DeGeneres if she were expecting, she joked Thursday, "Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something ... because I don’t think I do."
Meet Pregnant, Skinny Ashlee Simpson
Here’s Ashlee Simpson on the cover of this month’s Shape. The photo of her skinny belly, for sure, was captured months ago, as was the interview that makes no mention of fiance Pete Wentz.
It’s this magazine cover, suspects MSNBC’s The Scoop, that’s “part of [Ashlee’s] reason for staying mum” about the possible pregnancy.
Um … no.
Not only would Ashlee not even take a magazine cover (especially an unpaid one) into consideration in deciding to announce if she’s in a family way – the only concern is publicity for her new album – but Shape editors would have loved Ashlee to announce that she’s pregnant, so they could shop around their cover as the last pre-baby Ashlee issue.
Ashlee Simpson's Red Bikini Cover
Ashlee Simpson appears in a red string bikini on the cover of Shape magazine.
The ‘Little Miss Obsessive’ singer – who has refused to confirm rumours she is expecting her first child with fiance Pete Wentz – proudly shows off her toned figure on the front of the magazine’s May issue.
In the accompanying interview, Ashlee says: “Now I’m in shape. I never thought I’d be on the cover of a magazine in a bikini but now is the time and place to show the world how I’m feeling about myself.”
The magazine's cover was reportedly shot before the pregnancy rumours emerged.
Ashlee also revealed she has a monthly dinner party with her girlfriends, when everyone has the opportunity to display their culinary skills.
She added: “Last month, my friend showed us how to make the most delicious glazed carrots to go with baked chicken.”
The 23-year-old singer appeared on US talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show' yesterday (24.04.08), but when the host asked her whether she will soon add to her family, she would only reply: “Well, that has been going on for quite a while. That is something that I choose personally not to discuss.”
Pete Wentz: Rockin' Out
Pete Wentz definitely gives rock star a whole new meaning.
At the NME Awards USA in L.A. Wednesday night, the Fall Out Boy frontman sported a T-shirt with the words "Coltan Is a Conflict Diamond" as a way of expressing his opposition toward the selling of diamonds for the purpose of financing illegal military groups.
And Pete clearly practices what he preaches, telling People magazine at the event that the engagement ring he presented to Ashlee Simpson "is not a conflict diamond."
We can only assume it wasn't a cubic zirconia either.
Ashlee Simpson keeps coy about baby reports
Ashlee Simpson is determined to keep people guessing about whether or not she’s pregnant.
The singer is said to be expecting her first child with fiance Pete Wentz, but she’s determined not to let on anything.
She even managed to avoid the question when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and was asked the question point blank by her host.
"Well, that has been going on for quite a while. That is definitely something that I choose personally not to discuss except for the fact that maybe….Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something … because I don’t think I do," usmagazine. com quoted her, as saying.
When, pointing to a snap of Jennifer Lopez, DeGeneres then asked, "You’re not going to keep this answer up as long as this woman did...."
Laughing, Simpson replied, "No, I’m not. I swear. I promise you that. I give you my pinky on that."
Okay, I realize that these articles have basically the same idea.
But I got bored and you can just deal with it. I wanted to show all of the rumors that are going around. Of course, most of them are the same thing. That Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with Pete Wentz's kid.
I do think that she might be.
If her friends are saying things about it then I think it might be true. We will just have to watch Pop Fiction this week. If you do not watch Pop Fiction, it is a show where celebritites make up fake rumors about themselves and leak these fake rumors to the press. Then everyone freaks about the news. Only to later learn that it was all a dud.
Avril Lavigne did that once.
She went on the show and made up a rumor that she was pregnant. She went past paparazzi with this thing on to make her look pregnant. The next day, the tabloids were reporting that she was pregnant. Those losers!

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