Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hey! I don't know if you know....but I have a YouTube video bar on the side of my blog. You just have to scroll down for a while to find it. Of course, the videos go to some of my favorite Three Days Grace songs. If you come to this page often and you want me to add other videos, then leave the title of the video in a comment.
I know that nobody visits this page. I mean really, I am just ranting about useless crap right now because I am bored and I have no other means of killing time.
But there are some questions that I have never gotten an answer to. Like, why do you park on the driveway and drive on the parkway? Why is there no real word that rhymes with "orange"? Why do people's political ideas on how they will vote get swayed by Saturday Night Live? Why does Martha Stewart still have her show? Who really cares about what Tyra Banks has to say? She only cares about herself anyways. And if you read one of my previous blogs, then you will know what my next question is...how did BAND-AIDS get their name? The person who made them first didn't have the name Band, and they are not used to treat AIDs...curious.
And is it me, or do other people think that more people probably vote for and care about who the next American Idol will be than who the next american president will be? I think people care more about who will be topping the billboard charts than who will be leading our country for the next four years (unless we convince congress to come to their senses and get him out of office).
Again, it might just be me, but does it seem like a lot of the "all american things" just don't represent america like they used to? Burgers, hotdogs, and fries, when you think of all-american food this is what comes to mind. But america has become such a health nut that nobody eats fast food anymore. Baseball. Only losers like baseball. The only important sports are football (go packers) and basketball (BOSTON!). And beer, people want to live longer. So they are not drinking as much alcohol. For some reason, people think that it would be fun to live to the age of 150, when each day it will be like they have tissue paper flesh and glass bones because of how fragile they will be. I'm sorry, living that long would become painful and depressing because you will need so much Vicadin from how painful everyday tasks are.
When you think of what makes america now, you think of cell phones and other technology, cars, oil (only because we are in dire need of it). Where are most cell phones and tvs and such made? China, Japan, other countries. Because we would rather go farther into debt buying stuff from other countries than to make it ourselves and improve our economy. Gosh america sucks. Cars. Where are they made? China, Japan, other countries. I'm noticing a pattern... Yes, there are american companies who make cars and technology, but most of the popular companies are from other countries. Like China and Japan. Oil. We use so many fossil fuels (like oil) that we have to beg other countries to lower prices for us. We should instead become more eco-friendly. Use hydro-electric power. Oh, right, we don't have any clean rivers and such to rely on anymore. Solar power! People are too lazy to go and install the solar pads and such.
America has become pathetic. Actually, america has always been pathetic. We have just gotten worse. We are ruthless tyrants. Instead of cleaning up the recession we are in, we go and take over countries and force them to use our "democracy". Like that will make life better for them. Truly, what improvements have been made since Bush was elected president? NONE. Gas prices have gone through the roof and the economy has become trash. But its ok, our new candidates are: a former souldier who admitts to knowing nothing about the economy; an african american man who talks about change but never says what kind of change he wants; and a woman who was a first lady and her husband has screwed up some of her campaigns and who knows what will happen if she wins.
America should be more like Canada. Seriousely. Just check my blog from March on 87 reasons to love Canada. Canada is doing really well. And they get to sit back and watch the trainwreck that is the american economy and society. All I know is that if i got the chance to leave the country, I would definitely go to Canada. Gotta love them, eh?

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