Saturday, April 12, 2008

signs of a cheater

This is for people who like to snoop around.
Theses are signs that your guy could be cheating on you.
It is a total waste of time.
One morning he may wear a shirt he doesn't normally wear to work and he'll say, ''Well it was the first thing I grabbed' or 'Everything else was in the wash-basket,''. While you might put that aside for the moment, that's the kind of change in behavior that starts someone thinking that there may be a problem.
All of the sudden, out of the blue, he decides, ''My God, I've got to lose weight. Look at the state of me. I'd better start going to the gym. Gee, I'll change my hairstyle. I might just change what I'm wearing.'' And that'll be because he's met somebody. That, out of the blue, to a wife, is going to be like a neon sign going off.
The first thing someone will do when they're having an affair is their mobile phone becomes like a baby. They'll constantly be checking it. And woe betide any wife who goes near it. If you do go near it, everything will be deleted. You'll also see a lot of calls, often to the girlfriend and then the wife.
Is there a certain day of the week you can't get ahold of him? Or is he busy with business meetings later in the evening on certain days? More things will come up. Then you need to start checking if he's where he says he is.
Oh yeah.
Become a stalker.
Someone who is cheating emotionally may also be cheating financially: If they feel something's not right they need to get their hands on the bank statements, the credit card statements, the telephone accounts. Sometimes men buy properties to conduct affairs in or houses for the lover.
Just as many women betray as men, but they don't get caught. Women are much better liars and they have a plan. They're much craftier.
That's so right.
He he ha ha he he.
While you may have a good idea that something is going on, surveillance will prove it. The suspicious spouse can try to do the spying, but will be much more worried about getting caught. Using a private detective takes away some of the "stress and strain" of the hunt.
But that costs money.
Just go incognito.
You've got to do the groundwork before you get married. Make clear what you will and won't accept. I think you need to respect yourself to know, 'How many times does infidelity have to happen before it's too many times?' Really. Because once the trust is gone, to try to rebuild it is huge.
Go try out your psychic abilities.
I told you this was a waste of time.

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