Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pete Wentz...and Adam Gontier

Fall Out Boy's Wentz sued for alleged post-concert beatdown
Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz was slapped with a lawsuit Wednesday for the alleged beating of a man last summer at a North Side bar and music venue.
Andy Kallas was at Schuba's Tavern, 3159 N. Southport Ave., for a Fall Out Boy show in the "early morning hours" of July 12, 2007, when Wentz "without authorization or provocation" attacked Kallas, according to a suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court Wednesday.
Wentz, a native of north suburban Wilmette, along with ten members of his “security personnel and/or entourage” struck, kicked and beat Kallas for several minutes causing “serious injuries to his head, mouth and face,” the suit alleges.
Reports last summer stated that the fight began when a man was taunting Wentz, making fun of his hooded sweatshirt and his relationship with pop-star Ashlee Simpson. However, the suit claims Kallas did not provoke the rock star.
Wentz and his posse of ten “John Does” are accused of one count of assault and battery and one count of false imprisonment for surrounding Kallas and refusing to allow him to leave, the suit claims.
Wentz was negligent for failing to “properly instruct and train his security personnel” and failing to protect Kallas from his security personnel, the suit alleges.
Kallas "was deprived of his liberty during which time he was kicked and beaten,” causing him “emotional injury and anxiety,” the suit said.
The suit also accuses Schuba's Tavern of negligence for failing to protect Kallas from “violent activities.”
Kallas is seeking more than $200,000 in damages from the alleged incident for his pain, medical bills, mental anguish, loss of normal life and disability to his body and mind.
Ashlee & Pete: Newlyweds 2.0?
Get yourself ready for the return of MTV’s Newlyweds — with a twist! Instead of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, it's Simpson version 2.0 is coming your way, with Jessica’s little sister, Ashlee Simpson, 23, and fiancé, Pete Wentz, 28, set to appear as the couple in the hit MTV format — at least if Joe Simpson gets his way!
Never one to miss a money-making opportunity, Ashlee’s dad and manager Joe seems determined to turn this idea into a reality. “He knows that no one cared about Jessica before her reality show, and he’s hoping a show for Ashlee will have the same effect,” a source close to the singer tells OK!.
With a wedding on the horizon, a baby on the way and a famous rocker fiancé, Ashlee’s life has all the ingredients for a reality show. (Ashlee and Pete’s publicist tells OK! they are not set to appear in Newlyweds.) If the program comes off, let’s hope the Bittersweet World singer’s love story doesn’t end the same way as her sister’s failed marriage.
ASHLEE SIMPSON has hit out at reports she and fiance PETE WENTZ are planning to follow in the footsteps of her sister JESSICA and star in a spin-off of U.S.reality TV show NEWLYWEDS.
The 23-year-old Boyfriend hitmaker's father/manager Joe Simpson is reportedly in talks with MTV to create a copycat show for his younger daughter, to cash in on the pair's upcoming nuptials.
Jessica Simpson's 2003 show Newlyweds was a huge ratings winner - credited with reigniting the singer's flailing music career and prompting the demise of her marriage to former husband Nick Lachey.
A source tells U.S. magazine OK!, "Joe (Simpson) knows that no one cared about Jessica before her reality show, and he's hoping a show for Ashlee will have the same effect." But a representative for Ashlee Simpson - who is busy denying rumours she is pregnant with Wentz' child - insist she has no intention of starring in a reality show.
And now to unrelated news!
Grace gives back!
Congratulations to the musicians from Three Days Grace for helping the old hometown.
The band, one of the most successful rock acts in North America, made time to play a fundraising concert to help the Norwood Lions Club meet its promise to donate $325,000 toward the Asphodel-Norwood Community Centre.
Building a $4-million arena and recreation centre in a community of 4,000 residents was a big commitment. However it got done, and the centre has been open for four years now.
Making a $325,000 pledge might have been an even bigger commitment for a village service club.
Without the help of Three Days Grace - members Adam Gontier and Brad Walst grew up in Norwood, Neil Sanderson is from Peterborough and Barry Stock is a draftee from Toronto - the Lions Club's work would still be dragging on.
As it is, Saturday's sold-out concert raised something in the order of $90,000 to put the campaign over the top.
It's great to see the young men of Three Days Grace add their names to the list of successful people who developed their talents here and are happy to give something back.

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