Sunday, March 2, 2008

YouTube junk

Okay, we all like to waste our time on YouTube, right??
At least i do.
And if you love YouTube like i love YouTube, then you know just how wierd some of the junk is that people post on YouTube.
A friend of mine told me about this video on YouTube. This particular piece of crap is titled "Fart in the Duck".
If you do not know the story about this video, you might be asking yourself why this video has this title. The answer is simple. In every language, there are cognates. A cognate is a word that sounds almost the same in english and another language. For example, in english we say "calculator" and in spanish you say "calculadora".
Well, somebody watched this dutch children's show and guessed what each word meant. This person assumed that each word would be a cognate. The song is not really about farting in a duck. It is really about a hole in a roof.
However, the subtitles are really funny.
The site is:

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