Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brittain Astrologer vs Hitler

Okay, today's news is kinda wierd. No. More like really wierd.
We all know and remember WW2. You know, with Hitler and the Nazis.
Well, there is a report that just came out saying that the Brits hired an astrologist to help them against Hitler. Louis de Wohl was hired by brittish spies to write horoscopes for Hitler and his Nazi leaders.
How retarded! How do you plan to overthrow Hitler with some freakin horoscopes?
The retarded brittish spies hoped that the horoscopes would give some insight on Hitler. WTF?!?!
The article doesn't give much info. But it says that the spies claimed that they regretted hiring Wohl because he was a triator. What? Did he give Hitler the wrong horoscopes?

And in other news....
The price of pizza is getting higher. DOUGH!
Wheat usually costs $3-$5 a bushel. But now it costs $25 a bushel! In the past 2 weeks, a 50 pound bag of flour in New York went from costing $16 to $26. It only cost $9 in 2006. The price of cheese has also increased. So this is why your pizza might cost more.

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