Saturday, March 1, 2008

whacked up websites

There are a lot of messed up websites.
But there is one that i can almost guarantee that you have never been to or heard of. Are you ready? Huh? Are you sure? Can you pop lock and drop it?
The website is .
This is the wierdest website ever. But i have been a member there for about 7 months. The whole idea of this site is very strange. You create an avatar person thing and you decorate your i-zone which is like your home page. You can also visit other peoples' pages. You can also have a blog on that site too. But should you get caught getting vulgar or being "suggestive" you get banned.
What is the point of this? I DUNNO. But you can add friends and message them. Should you find that you do not like this friend of yours anymore, you can easily block them from coming to your page and from talking to you.
In general, the site is a stupid way to waste your time. But after a while, it becomes quite addictive. And every few weeks or so, there are new clothes that you can buy for your avatar.
To get this money, you visit other people, message other people, or play the retarded games on the site.
I know, sounds pretty fun, huh??
So, is my stupid site of the month.
Now you can waste your month on March in the stupidest way possible. ENJOY!
And you are welcome.

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