Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton campaign comercial is fake

Okay, i am sure that you have seen a lot of campaign ads on tv. And one of them is a total lie! It is the comercial in which a little girl is shown sleeping in her room late at night. In this comercial the spot asks which candidate is willing to answer the White House phone, especially at 3am, implying that Obama has a lack of experience. And the 8 year old girl shown sleeping actually supports Obama. Because as it turns out, that girl is really 18 and the video shown is stock footage from a decade ago!
"What I don't like about the ad is its fear-mongering," Knowles told ABC's "Good Morning America Weekend Edition" on Sunday. "I think it's a cheap hit to take. I really prefer Obama's message of looking forward to a bright future."
The ad aired in Texas before last week's vote and implied that Obama had a lack of experience. The comercial showed the exterior of a colonial-style with the old stock footage of Knowles sleeping. Then you hear a narrator describing a phone ringing in the White House. Saying "Its 3am and your children are safely asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?" Clinton ended up winning the Texas primary.
Knowles said she didn't see the ad until Jon Stewart lampooned it on Thursday on "The Daily Show." Her brother was the one who noticed it was her, and the family replayed the commercial on their digital recorder to be sure. "They were parodying this ad, kind of poking fun at it," Knowles said. "My brother was like, 'Is that Casey?' And we just erupted. Sure enough, it's me." The footage was originally shot for a railroad company advertisement. But the Clinton campaign bought it from Getty Images.
Knowles is a senior at Bonney Lake High School and will turn 18 next month. She has been campaigning for Obama. She attended his rally at Seattle's Key Arena on Feb. 8. Her mother, Pam, told The News Tribune of Tacoma that Casey cried and trembled after shaking the candidate's hand.
She could be in another ad. After her identity became known, Obama's campaign contacted her. "I mentioned that we should make a counter ad, me and Obama, against Hillary," she said. "They thought that was really funny. They actually might take me up on it."
With that said, Knowles said she plans to vote for whichever Democrat wins the nomination.

Isn't that incredible? I know that it isn't really.

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