Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three Days Grace question and answer

Boosted by heavy, cathartic, yet still-melodic rock-radio hits such as "Pain," "Animal I Have Become," "Never Too Late," and its latest single "Riot," "One X" helped vault 3DG into headliner status.
Guitarist Barry Stock says they'll reconnect with their families and recharge after the tour. Then they'll finish writing the next CD and plan to hit the studio before the year's over. They will also release a DVD in the fall. Stock talked with Showcase about 3DG and the tour with fellow album-rock mainstays Breaking Benjamin ( "Breath," "Diary of Jane") and Seether ( "Fake It," "Rise Above This").
This seems like the ultimate package for rock fans. How's it working out? "Oh, it's awesome. It's been great. We've touring for a little while now, so we've become really good friends. It's the easiest tour I've ever been on. There's no drama. Everyone gets along really good. It's a quite package. This is a show I would come to see."One X" was inspired by the loneliness of the road and the problems it can cause. (Singer Adam Gontier spent time in rehab.)"
How did you avoid those problems this time? "The last time out was for our first record, and it was all new for us. It's something where you get in a little over your head. Since then, we were able to remedy the problem and figure out what's not good for us. We cleaned up our problems, and we're getting along a lot better. We're closer together. We tried to eliminate people in our lives who are going to cause us trouble and are up to no good."One X" covered some dark topics, yet it was a huge hit."
What are fans responding to? "Though we have some dark topics as to what's going on with life, I think with Three Days Grace we always have that little twist of hope at the end. "Yeah, this is where I am and this sucks, but I'm getting out of it. I've found a better way." We've heard numerous times people say to us, believe it or not, "You saved my life." Especially with teenagers. "
What highlights stand out after two years on the road? "We opened for the Stones a couple nights in Canada. That was pretty awesome. ... They had a party for all their crew and we went. I didn't expect them to show up, but Mick showed up. We had family out to see the shows, wives and Adam's mother, and they're all out there, dancing with Mick. I'm looking up, and my wife is cutting a rug with Mick Jagger."
How hard is it to wind down after a long tour? "Going home, when you've been out so much, is completely awkward. We're all married by now, so you get home, and you're not dealing with just your own life anymore. You're sharing a life with someone else and have to fit into their schedule.When you get home, it's not dark enough in the room after sleeping on a bus. You're used to tires rolling down the road. It's quiet and never dark enough. It's definitely an adjustment to try to wind it down. It takes a few good weeks."
After the break, what's next? "We just did a show in Detroit at the Palace of Auburn Hills and shot a DVD for that. They brought in a full film crew, so we'll put out a HD DVD in September. And Adam Gontier did a song with Apocalyptica, which is cool. It'll be the single off their record."

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