Friday, March 21, 2008

corny riddles that are useless

1) what goes up and down stairs without moving??
2) what lives when you give it food and dies when you give it water??
3) what can you catch but not throw??
4) i run, even though i do not have legs, what am i??
5) take one out and scratch my head, i am now black but once was red...
6) remove outside, cook inside, eat the outside, throw away the inside...
7) what goes around the world and stays in a corner??
8) what gets wetter the more it dries??
9) the more there is, the less you see...
10) they come at night without being called and are lost in the day without being stolen...
11) what kind of room has no windows or doors??
12) i have holes on the top and bottom, i have holes on my left and on my right, i have holes in the middle, and yet i still hold water. what am i??
13) i look at you, you look at me, i raise my right and you raise your left, what is this object??
14) it has no top or bottom but it can hold flesh, bones, and blood at the same time, what is it??
15) the more you take the more you leave behind...
16) light as a feather, there is nothing in it, the strongest man can't hold it for much more than a minute...
17) as i walked along the path i saw something with four fingers and one thumb, but it was not flesh, fish, bone, or fowl...
18) what can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps??
19) i went into the woods and got it, i sat down to seek it, i brought it home with me because i couldn't find it...
20) what can fill up a room but takes up no space??

The answers!!!

1) carpet
2) fire
3) a cold
4) a nose
5) a match
6) corn
7) a stamp
8) towel
9) darkness
10) stairs
11) a mushroom
12) a sponge
13) a mirror
14) a ring
15) footsteps
16) breath
17) glove
18) river
19) splinter
20) light

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