Saturday, March 1, 2008


Does anybody listen closely to the lyrics of thier favorite song?
Not many people do. We simply listen to songs that have a good beat, melody, sound, whatever.
But there are many songs that have lyrics. Especially if you take them out of context.
Case #1. The culprit: Jordin Sparks. Song in question: "Tattoo".
I am sure that you have heard this song. It is okay, but i find that it gets stuck in your head. As much of a good melody it has, do you listen to part of the chorus?
The chorus says: "Can't look back, got a new direction. I loved you once, I needed protection."
Take a second to think about what this might mean.....tick.....tock.....tick....tock.....
The first thing that came into my mind was that Jordin needs to learn that you need to use protection every time. Okay? You should always use protection! They told you about it so much in school and it is mentioned in commercials on tv. The second thing that i though about was that Jordin was using this guy. How dispicable! Is she so bored with life that she must use this unknowing guy. To whoever that guy is, I am sorry.
Case #2. The culprit: Fall Out Boy. Song in question: "A little less sixteen candles"
Okay, now Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite bands. They are incredible! And this was one of my favorite songs. Then i got bored one day. So I went onto YouTube and searched the lyrics to this song. For some reason, the first times you listen to a Fall Out Boy song, you can't understand most of the lyrics. So i took it upon myself to find out what some of them were.
Once again, this is one of my favorite songs. But part of this song says "You can make all the moves, you can aim all the spotlights. Get all the sighs and moans just right" . I am not going to comment on this. I will let you think of whatever it is going through your mind right now. And remember, this song talks about a girl who left this guy and he is sleeping on her front porch.
Case #3. The culprit: Mariah Carrey. Song in question: "Touch My Body"
You know what, i am not even going to explain this one.
Just watch the music video and you will understand everything.
I hope this was entertaining.
Now i am sure that you will want to listen to your favorite song now and see just what the lyrics are.

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