Sunday, May 4, 2008

Teen Gives Birth, Carries Baby to Hospital

A 17-year-old girl gave birth secretly at home, then walked four blocks to a hospital with the baby still attached by its umbilical cord.
"I was just a little nervous" when the labor began, Xochitl Parra said Friday from St. Mary Medical Center as she cradled her son, Alejandro.
The boy was normal and "eating like a champ," said Dr. Jose Perez, director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
That baby is going to need intensive care!
The teenager said she was alone and taking a shower early Wednesday morning to get ready for school. Then the contractions took over.
"I felt his head coming, so I sit down and pushed so he could come out," she said.
Parra did not call emergency services because the home phone was disconnected, and she did not want to wake the neighbors because it was so early. Instead, she wrapped the baby, got dressed and went to the hospital on foot.
"I started walking and jogging to the hospital," she said.
The teen came into the hospital lobby and asked for help, Perez said.
"She still had the placenta and the baby was still attached, so of course everyone said, 'Don't move!"' he said.
Ha ha!
Too late!
Perez praised the girl for taking quick action.
"They could have bled to death. Thank God that didn't happen," the doctor said. "She was very clever. She knew what to do. She wrapped the baby up and walked over here."
Parra, who's in her second year of high school, said she kept her pregnancy a secret because she was afraid her mother would "kick me out of the house." Her mother has now accepted the situation and is going to help the teen care for the baby so she can continue attending school, Parra said.
Perez called the outcome "heartwarming."
"We hear so much negative with teenagers throwing their babies in the Dumpsters (trash bins)," he said. "This baby is fine, and hopefully there will be a happy ending with the extended family."
Amazing births
A 32-year-old woman from Belcamp, Md., gave birth to these quadruplets on Jan. 29. Three of the four boys are identical triplets. There are fewer than 100 documented cases of "identical triplets plus one" in the United States. The parents plan to introduce the boys to the media Friday.
Mother Bhuri unexpectedly gave birth to this baby girl Feb. 26 in the bathroom of a train in India. Family members said Bhuri passed out and the baby fell through the toilet and onto the tracks. The child, born around nine weeks prematurely and weighing only 3.22 pounds, lay on the tracks for nearly two hours until they found her -- alive.
Oh wow.
That right there is just beautiful.
I'm sorry. But when I read that the baby fell through the toilet I just had to laugh.
^_^ I know it's bad. But it's so funny!
At age 51, Rosinete Palmeira Serrao, gave birth to her own twin grandchildren in Brazil in September 2007. She was a surrogate for her daughter, Claudia Michelle.
In August 2007, Victoria Lasita gave birth to her second set of triplets. The odds of that are just one in 64 million.
Tamera Dixon, shown healthy at 4 months old in August 2007, weighed only 11 ounces when she was born in Trenton, N.J.
Jim and Michelle Duggar welcomed their 17th child, Jennifer, to the family in Rogers, Ark., in August 2007.
That is just aweful.
17 children...who would want to have that many?
That can't be healthy for the mom.
Amillia Sonja Taylor lies next to a pen (they are the same size) at the Miami hospital where she was born to Sonja Taylor in October 2006. She went on to survive after weighing just 10 ounces at birth.
Quadruplets were born in Los Angeles to Angela Magdaleno and Afredo Anzaldo in July 2006. Just three years earlier, the couple had triplets.
Next they are going to have quints!
I couldn't believe having triplets then quadruplets.
That is just to crazy.
At the age of 62, Janise Wulf had her 12th child in Redding, Calif., in February 2006. At the time, she also had 20 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
Ademilton dos Santos weighed 16.7 pounds when Francisca Ramos dos Santos gave birth to him in January 2005 in Salvador, Brazil.
GOOD GOD that is one fat baby!
That is insaine!
Oh right, I forgot to mention earlier.
The teen who had the baby and walked to the hospital looks like a man.
I just thought that I would put that in there.
When I saw the picture I was like "men can have babies??"
I'm sorry...not really

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She just has a fuckin baby and walks to the hospital? She ain't gonna look like Miss America honey. I saw the picture of her with her baby in that wheelchair too.