Monday, May 5, 2008


Okay, here is a great way to kill time! A friend made this and it is pretty amazing. You need a paper and pencil for this. Or if you are too lazy to go get a sheet of paper and a pencil, you can just open a word document for this. It goes by pretty quickly. And if you want it to be more not go ahead! Follow the instructions!

List the names of 10 people.
These people can be real or fake. You do not have to know them. You can pick people from bands or people you have seen on tv. But you need to have the names of 10 different people. To make things easier, number them 1-10.

Now some questions to ponder...

~What would you do if person number 1 gave you a hickey??

~What if person number 6 turned back time until the moment you met?? Would you do anything differently??

~What if person number 3 told you that you smelled wierd?? How would you react??

~What if person number 7 ran away from home?? What would your reaction be??

~What would you do if person number 4 sat on your lap??

~What if person number 9 invited you to go see a movie?? And it was the absolute worst movie you had ever seen??

~What would you do if person number 2 made you smoothies??

~What if person number 5 invited you to a romantic, moonlit balcony?? What would you do??

~What would you do if person number 10 learned every language on the earth??

~And what if person number 8 wanted to rub sun tan lotion on you?? How would you react??

Now the pairings.
This is like what people on the list would probably get together.
If you know what I jk jk jk lololol ^_^
~Person number 7 is paired with person number 2.
~Person number 1 is paired with person number 4.
~Person number 3 is paired with person number 8.
~Person number 5 is paired with person number 9.
~And finally person number 6 is paired with person number 10.
I am sure by now you are noticing some interesting matches.
And you probably have some interesting thoughts in your mind.
Now some random scenarios to ponder about these 10 people.
~Person number 2 proposes to you. How would person number 5 react??
~If person number 7 buys you a puppy, would you be able to take care of it??
~Person number 1 makes person number 6 dinner. Are you jealous??
~Would you make kool-aid for person number 9??
~What if person number 4 tickled person number 10 until they wet themselves??
~You marry person number 2. But they have an affair with person number 3. Do you leave person number 2 for person number 8??
~There is a horrible storm outside. And you are forced into a storm room with person number 7 for hours, maybe even a few days. What would happen in that room??
~People numbers 3, 4, 6, and 8 invite you to an orgy. Do you join in??
~People numbers 1 and 10 eat babies. Do you turn them into the police??
~You marry person number 8. Are you happy??
Just for your entertainment, this was my list of 10 people:
1) Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel
2) Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace
3) Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
4) Tom Kalutz from Tokio Hotel
5) Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace
6) Scooby Doo
7) Alex-a friend's online friend
8) Justin-my online friend
9) Jake-my cousin
10) Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics
So my results were pretty...odd...
If you want, post your list of people in a comment! ^_^

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