Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nickelback Star Given 1-Year Driving Ban

Chad Kroeger, the lead singer for Canadian rock band Nickelback, was sentenced on Thursday to a one-year driving ban and fined more than C$600 ($590) for drunk driving.
The Nickelback frontman was stopped by police for speeding in his luxury Lamborghini sports car in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey, British Columbia, in 2006. A breath test found he had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system.
Kroeger, whose legal name is Chad Turton, told reporters as he left the courthouse that he does not condone drinking and driving, but "everyone makes mistakes."
His lawyer said they would appeal the conviction, handed down by the judge last month. Kroeger could have been sentenced to jail, but first-time offenders usually receive sentences of a fine and a license suspension.
Gosh I hate Nickelback.
They are the worst band ever.
No, wait...Paramore is the worst band ever.
Celebrities in Trouble!
'CSI' actor Gary Dourdan was arrested for alleged drug possession in the early hours of April 28. Authorities say they found the actor sleeping in an improperly parked car with cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and prescription pills in his possession.
Vanilla Ice, known on his birth certificate as Rob Van Winkle, landed himself in handcuffs and with a domestic battery charge after he reportedly shoved his wife during an argument.
Roger Clemens is accused of carrying on a decade-long relationship with troubled country singer Mindy McCready that began with she was only 15. The New York Daily News report could damage the baseball legend's credibility in his lawsuit against a former trainer.
Now, McCready confirms that the Daily News' story rings true. "I cannot refute anything in the story," says the singer, who adds about Clemens: "He's a kind and caring man."
Velvet Revolver and STP rocker Scott Weiland, pleaded no contest April 28 to driving under the influence, a charge stemming from his November arrest on a Los Angeles freeway onramp.
Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has plead no contest to one misdemeanor count of driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit stemming from a March 25 arrest. Prosecutors dropped a second charge of driving under the influence.
Boisterous CNN host Richard Quest was arrested in Central Park early Friday morning, allegedly telling police: "I have meth in my pocket." He was later arraigned on a misdemeanor drug charge.
Parisian prosecutors are calling for former film star Brigitte Bardot to be given a two-month suspended sentence and a hefty fine for anti-Muslim statements made in a letter to France's then interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy.
Former 'O.C.' problem child Mischa Barton, seen in her mug shot, was pulled over and arrested on Dec. 27 by West Hollywood police for driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license. On Thursday she was sentenced to three years probation and ordered into an alcohol education program.
Raffaelo Follieri, who's been dating actress Anne Hathaway for more than a year, was detained by police on April 3 after an incident involving Follieri and a bad check worth nearly a quarter-million dollars.
Naomi Campbell, the supermodel who's no stranger to handcuffs or assault allegations, is arrested at London's Heathrow airport after allegedly assaulting a police officer there.
Poison drummer Rikki Rockett was arrested on a Mississippi rape warrant in Los Angeles, Feb. 24. He was picked up at the airport following a concert over the weekend in New Zealand.
Shia LaBeouf, who already got off of trespassing charges for a possibly-drunk Walgreens arrest, briefly had a $1,000 bench warrant against him after failing to appear in court for a smoking offense. The warrant was subsequently dismissed when LaBeouf's attorney entered a not-guilty plea.
Actor Thomas Jane was arrested on March 17 after driving at excessive speeds in California. He was charged with DUI after reportedly failing a breathalyzer.
Joe Francis is a free man after pleading no contest to filming underage girls for his hit DVD series 'Girls Gone Wild.' He was sentenced to time already served. He had spent 11 months behind bars on a tax evasion charge. He plans on continuing to fight those charges.
Police stopped Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on 'Gilligan's Island,' on Oct. 18, 2007 and allegedly found marijuana in her car. After possession charges were dropped, she later pleaded guilty to reckless driving and is currently serving six months probation.
Eighties icon Boy George showed up in court on Feb. 28 to deny charges that he handcuffed a male escort to a wall in his London home last year. The singer will remain free on bail until trial in November.
Bai Ling, who has appeared in movies like 'The Crow' and also had a brief role on the hit TV ABC show 'Lost,' was arrested after being accused of stealing batteries and magazines at Los Angeles International Airport on Feb. 13.
'Jackass' star Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, was arrested at his Hollywood Hills home on March 3, following a dispute with his neighbors, on several charges including vandalism and drug possession.
Kid Rock, seen in his mug shot, found himself charged with simple battery following an Oct. 21 brawl at an Atlanta waffle house.
A waffle house.
Broadway actor James Barbour, 41, who played the beast in the musical "Beauty and the Beast," was sentenced to 60 days in jail plus 3 years probation on Friday after agreeing to a plea deal in a case involving sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl in 2001.
Child star Aaron Carter, now 20, was arrested after police in Texas pulled him over and reportedly found more than two ounces of marijuana in his car.
I can't say i'm surprised.
We all knew this was coming.
Like his sister Paris in the past, 18-year-old hotel heir Barron Hilton was arrested on the morning of Feb. 12 in Malibu for allegedly driving under the influence.
The notorious "Hollywood Madam," Heidi Fleiss, was arrested by members of the Nye County Sheriff's Office in Nevada on Feb. 7 and charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs and driving under the influence.
Shortly after getting ten years to life probation for sexually assaulting two teenage girls, Vincent "Don Vito" Margera of 'Viva La Bam' fame got another two years for possession of cocaine.

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