Friday, May 2, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cannon Tells a Pal, 'I'm in Love' with Mariah

Nick Cannon is head over heels for his new bride, Mariah Carey, according to Jacob Arabo, who created the diamond sparkler that the actor gave the singer as an engagement ring.
"The way he came into the store, the mood he was in, I knew this was very serious," Arabo tells PEOPLE exclusively. "He said 'Jacob, I'm in love. This is what I want to do.' "
Though there's been no official confirmation of a wedding, the pair obtained a marriage license on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera, and Cannon's family confirmed the pair got hitched.
According to Arabo, Cannon, 27, came to Jacob & Co. two weeks ago and asked to have an engagement ring created for Carey, 39. "He said he wanted something in pink, so he picked something in a light purple-ish pink. He was very involved and he trusted me to design the ring."
Despite the couple's whirlwind romance, Arabo said: "He loves her. That's all I know."
As for their compatibility, he added, "[Nick] is an artist, she's an artist, so they have a lot in common. He was very, very happy. Happier than I have ever seen him. I've known him four or five years and this was a really happy moment for him, in his life."
17 Carat Love
On Thursday, Jacob & Co. confirmed to PEOPLE that the ring he made was crafted from platinum and features a square, emerald-cut fancy light pink diamond in the center, surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds, flanked by two half-moon diamonds. The total carat weight of the ring – the center stone alone is 10 carats – is a jaw-dropping 17 carats, with a value of $2.5 million.
Though some speculated that Carey's ring was the same one Cannon gave to his former fiancée, Victoria's Secret model Seltia Ebanks, Ebanks's ring was 12 carats and made of colorless diamonds.
"It may look similar from afar but it's not the same," said Arabo. "I would never do one of the same he had before."

Miley Cyrus in Another Photo Shoot, Dressed this Time
Miley Cyrus posed at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, this time dressed. She apparently reverted back to the squeaky-clean mode after Disney, her dad and she realized that the topless underage photo shoot for Vanity Fair is bound to hurt the business, and that can't be allowed to happen. After all, it's tens of millions at stake, maybe more. Cyrus posed outside the Magic Kingdom with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and signed autographs.
Rumors suggesting Disney might want to cease the collaboration with 15-year-old Cyrus following the Vanity Fair scandal, were shattered, as the young star is supposed to perform in a special concert at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando on Saturday, E! reports.
Also, Disney spokeswoman Brenda Kelly Grant told E! that nothing had changed on their production.
Not only she posed in a sexy posture in the Annie Leibovitz photoshoot, showing the young star barely covered by a sheet, back bared and displaying a seductive look, the photos with her on her father's knee were also disturbing to most people. "This picture disturbs me. It looks like his daughter is his girlfriend. He's trying to be hot," radio host Howard Stern said on his show.
It is also obvious, as a WSJ article titled "The Miley Cyrus Uproar" remarks, that only a fool would believe the apologies of the adults involved in the photo shoot, including Annie Leibovitz. It's clear as daylight that she intentionally made Miley take a sexy pose, and everybody there understood that the 15-year-old was being turned into a sex symbol: "It is a blatant bedroom shot," says The Times' Janice Turner.
Yet the Disney Channel apparently has nothing to reproach its money-making star. She will perform Saturday, May 3, at the 2008 Disney Channel Games, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, report Her performance will be televised in July, along with appearances from the Jonas Brothers, The Cheetah Girls, Demi Lovato and Jordan Pruitt.
Miley will also begin filming the Hannah Montana movie next week in Nashville. E! adds that the teen star is scheduled to perform on May 10 at KIIS-FM's annual Wango Tango concert in Orange County.
Lindsay Lohan mugshot used in liquor industry ad
Lindsay Lohan is not exactly toasting her latest public appearance.
A mugshot of the 21-year-old actress, who has been in and out of rehab after two arrests last year on drunken driving and cocaine charges, was prominently featured Friday in an advertisement attacking legislation for devices that measure a driver's blood alcohol level before their vehicle can start.
The full-page black-and-white ad appeared in USA Today on Friday and was paid for by the American Beverage Institute, a trade group that supports the interests of the alcohol industry. The ad reads "Ignition interlocks are a good idea for" above Lohan's mug shot from her July 24, 2007 arrest and "But a bad idea for us" above smaller photos of people drinking.
"The reason that we used Lindsay Lohan is because she's had multiple DUIs that have been high profile," American Beverage Institute managing director Sarah Longwell told The Associated Press. "We needed to create the distinction for the public what someone with multiple DUIs looked like versus a low blood-alcohol-level first-time offender."
Lawmakers in several states have passed bills that would require drunken driving offenders to pay for and install an ignition interlock system. Under many such laws, the interlock requirement extends to first-time offenders driving while "highly intoxicated" — or with a blood alcohol level of 0.15 percent or higher.
The ad suggested that ignition interlocks were fine for "hard-core" drunk drivers, but suggested they would bring an end to champagne toasts at weddings, wine at dinner and ballgame beers.
"USA Today is idiotic to run such an irresponsible advertisement suggesting that drinking and driving is some kind of American 'tradition' we should protect," Lohan's lawyer Blair Berk said in a statement. "Not identifying that this ad was paid for by the liquor and restaurant industries is profoundly reckless.
"Drunk white businessmen, drunk housewives out for girls night out and drunk wedding parties should be kept off the roads of America," Berk continued. "Lindsay Lohan fully endorses ignition interlock devices, which have been well-proven to save lives."
The American Beverage Institute stood by its use of Lohan's image.
"People magazine, Smoking Gun and a lot of people have republished this mug shot," said Longwell. "It was publicly accessible. We're not using it for any kind of commercial gain. So we're well within our rights to use it."
Reached for comment about Berk's statement, USA Today spokesman Ed Cassidy issued the following statement: "Advocacy advertising is a big part of what we do. Our pages function as forum for competing views."


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