Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mariah Carrey, Miley Cyrus, a stalker, and American Idol

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon engaged?
If reports are to be believed, singer Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have become engaged.
It was a source close to the diva who spilled the beans on the couple getting engaged, reports Access Hollywood.
While Cannon’s rep did not comment on the report, Carey's rep was unavailable for any kind of confirmation on the engagement.
The couple met each other when the 27-year-old rapper-actor directed the video for Carey’s latest single, "Bye Bye," in late March.
Later, Cannon attended the NYC premiere of the popstar’s film, Tennessee, on April 26.
When asked how it was to work with Cannon, the ’Hero’ singer said it was "very nice". And Cannon, when asked what he loved about the singer, exclaimed, "Everything!"
"I've always had really low self-esteem, and I still do. What's weird about that is being onstage, and the love that you get, and the adoration that you feel from your real fans. It's hard for a partner to compete – just imagine," Usmagzine. com quote Mariah, as telling Allure in March.
Earlier, Carey was married to music mogul Tommy Mottola, whom she divorced in 1998.
Teen Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus apologises for 'raunchy' pic
Squeaky-clean Disney star Miley Cyrus apologised to fans yesterday after posing for a raunchy photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.
The 15-year-old Hannah Montana actress said she regretted the provocative shots, which show her topless and clutching just a sheet to hide her modesty.
Miley, whose wholesome image has netted her £7 million, said: "It was supposed to be 'artistic' but now I feel so embarrassed."
She added: "I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologise to my fans who I care so deeply about."
The photos were taken by renowned snapper Annie Leibovitz to accompany an interview with the teen idol and her father, country singer Billy Ray, 46.
Ms Leibovitz said: "It was a simple shoot intended to convey youth and innocence."
The Disney Channel, which airs Hannah Montana, slammed Vanity Fair.
In a statement it said: "Unfortunately a situation was created to manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines."
Vanity Fair said: "Her people were with her all day. Everyone thought it was a beautiful, natural portrait."
Hannah Montana follows the life of a Californian teenager who has a secret life as a pop star.
Miley has become a huge marketing hit for everything from CDs to school stationery.
70 Percent of American nine to 14-year-olds who have seen her TV show.
Uma Thurman Tells Jury of Menacing Notes From a Fan
Uma Thurman gave a harrowing reading to a Manhattan jury of cards and e-mail messages sent to her by an obsessive fan who sneaked onto the set of a movie she was filming in New York City in 2005.
In her testimony on Thursday morning, she told how Jack Jordan, who is on trial for stalking the actress on and off over a period of two years, came to the door of her trailer on Prince Street in SoHo on Nov. 8, 2005, when she was making the movie “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” He identified himself to one of Ms. Thurman’s assistants as a friend of her parents.
Trying not to be rude, because her parents have many friends — some “eccentric,” Ms. Thurman testified — she asked her assistant to take a telephone number, then innocently opened a card that the assistant delivered from Mr. Jordan.
Little pieces of torn paper and a dollar bill fell out of the envelope, she said, as she pulled out a child’s confirmation card. On the front, was a dreamy pastel store-bought image of a small blonde girl, a spray of pink flowers and a dove.
On the back was a crude pen and ink drawing of a male stick figure –­ apparently Mr. Jordan — walking off the edge of an Acme razor blade into an open grave, where a female stick figure, ­ apparently Ms. Thurman — had a thought balloon over her head saying, “Tee-hee.”
On the blank side of the card was a handwritten message in the shape of a spiral. Most of the words had been inked out, and Ms. Thurman read the still visible ones out loud in court in a soft, slow voice: “Chocolate, mouth, soft, kissing…,” she said, adding, “And then I saw this part: ‘My hand should be on your body.’”
She was terrified, she said: “It didn’t look right. It looked very disturbed. All these words crossed out and then you looked at the ones that were left.”
Ms. Thurman, whose testimony is continuing this afternoon, testified on the third day of Mr. Jordan’s stalking and harassment trial. Mr. Jordan’s lawyer has said that his client, who is schizophrenic and was forcibly institutionalized after delivering the note to Ms. Thurman’s trailer, was in love with Ms. Thurman, but did not intend to harm or threaten her.
Many jurors listened open-mouthed, and with full concentration to Ms. Thurman’s testimony, as if they were at a performance in a hushed theater. As an actress, she seemed to bring an almost unconscious drama to the reading, making Mr. Jordan’s words sound bigger than life, both more menacing and more tragic than they did on the written page.
The power of her reading was heightened by her own haggard, pared-down appearance. She wore a gray shawl thrown over black slacks and a black sweater. Her golden hair was carelessly knotted in the back, with long strands loose on both sides of her face. She wore no makeup and looked thin and hollow-eyed.
It was the first time that Mr. Jordan had ever been so close to her. He sat 20 feet away at the defense table, yet he studiously ignored her, looking away from her with a bottled-up, blank expression throughout her more than two hours of testimony.
American Idol Viewers Say Goodbye To Brooke White
American Idol fans have spoken and this week’s victim is none other than Brooke White.
Many had thought that her exit from the show was a long time coming, especially following last week’s performance in which she forgot her words.
There will be no diamond in the ruff for the 24 year old Mesa, Arizona native who broke down into tears upon hearing that she was going home.
She was joined in the bottom two by Syesha Mercado, who sang “Hello Again” and “Thank the Lord for the Night Time.”
This leaves 4 remaining candidates; David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado all vying for America’s next Idol championship.
On Tuesday’s show, Brooke sang two songs from Neil Diamond: “I’m a Believer” and “I Am … I Said.”
Simon was not a fan of her first effort, but purked up considerably with her second number.
“This is the Brooke we like. Sitting behind the piano, singing a very good song,” Simon said. “It wasn’t incredible, but it was a million times better than the first song. Well done.”
“I just want to say thank you,” White said. “This is going to be terrible for me right now.”

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