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8 Outrageous Wedding Sites

Would you marry in a graveyard? For some to-be-weds, a traditional ceremony site just doesn't appeal -- we asked brides to share stories of couples who chose to forgo the norm and wed in a truly unexpected setting. From a racetrack to a department store, here are eight outrageous wedding sites, plus tips for how they can inspire your own nuptials.
The Site: Racetrack
"Two of the members in our drag racing group got married on the track. It was really cute because immediately after they were married, she got into the car (in her wedding gown) and raced him to the end. The back of his car read, 'Just' and hers read, 'Married.'"
Our Take:
It's certainly dramatic, but you don't have to top 200 mph to create an unforgettable getaway. Ride off on bicycles, jump into the backseat of a vintage car, or, if your reception is nearby, have a brass band escort you and all your guests on foot.
The Site: Graveyard
"A hairdresser at a salon I used to go to was married at a cemetery on Halloween. Her bridesmaids and groomsmen all wore purple, black, and orange. She wore a black-and-red-dyed wedding gown, and all of her photos were taken next to headstones."
Our Take:
We love the idea of incorporating some holiday spirit into the wedding day, but you can get the idea across in more subtle ways. Something as simple as using lights to wash the room in color can help set a distinct mood and create a feel of the season without being overbearing with the theme.
The Site: Bookstore
"I saw a couple who got married at a Barnes & Noble because that's where they met. The store didn't close, but they said that for the duration of the ceremony, they wouldn't ring up any transactions."
Our Take:
If you're not fortunate enough to be able to wed in the place you met (exchanging vows in a bar, for example, might not best represent the sanctity of marriage), incorporate your first encounter in other ways. Print his pickup line on the cocktail hour coasters, name your reception tables after that and other significant places from your relationship, or sneak off after the ceremony and take some pics at the exact spot you first exchanged words.
The Site: Hockey Game
"A couple got married in between the first and second periods of a Chicago Wolves hockey game. The groom and groomsmen all wore jerseys, the bride wore a jersey over her dress, and the bridesmaids all carried hockey sticks."
Our Take:
Diehard sports fans have definitely been known to express their love for the game on their wedding day. Other ways to incorporate a sports theme: naming your reception tables after your favorite athletes and ordering a groom's cake in the shape of your team mascot.
The Site: Department Store
"A couple got married at JCPenney in Michigan. The bride walked down the escalator as the aisle, and the wedding was broadcast on the overhead speakers."
Our Take:
While we'd never heard of an escalator entrance, plenty of brides plan a grand entrance for their wedding day. Other ways to personalize the entrance: Walk down a monogrammed aisle runner, line the aisle with glowing luminarias, or enter the room to the sounds of a string quartet playing a rendition of your favorite pop song.
The Site: On Stage
"We got married in a theater on the set of Three Billy Goats Gruff. My husband and I are both actors -- so it made sense to us to get married on the stage. (We even had a stage manager who gave a curtain speech, there was a preshow, and several of our friends sang songs.) Instead of walking down the aisle, I walked over the troll bridge!"
Our Take:
Even without a troll bridge and curtain call, you can still show off your dramatic side. Donate to your favorite nonprofit theater in lieu of wedding favors, incorporate a line from your favorite play in your wedding vows, or steal the show by performing a choreographed routine for your first dance.
The Site: In the Air
"A lot of my skydiving friends have gotten married in freefall. One couple gave out 'Lovers' Leap' invitations."
Our Take:
If the thought of exchanging vows in front of all your friends and family has you nervous enough, seek an adrenaline rush in other ways. Take an adventure honeymoon exploring the jungle in Central America, send out save-the-date pictures of the two of you rock climbing, or add outdoor gear to your registry list.
The Site: Fast Food Restaurant
"Recently there was a story about three couples that all married at White Castle -- you know, the burger chain. They had their individual weddings back-to-back."
Our Take:
The smell of French fries makes our hearts melt too! Another way to satisfy everyone's taste buds: Have your caterer serve mini burgers, fries, and shakes for a late night snack at the end of the reception.

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